Areas of Practice

Helm Law, PC is a full-service law firm built on the model of providing the best legal service to our clients throughout Michigan.

Skilled representation in the following areas:

Employment Litigation

Support and trusted representation for employment law issues as an employee or employer.

Family Law

Representation for divorce clients and clients struggling with child support and custody battles.

Civil Litigation

Specializing in all aspects of commercial and civil litigation disputes, contracts, rights and issues.

Estate Planning

Representation through all steps of asset protection and estate planning.

Business Law

Assisting individuals and businesses with commercial transactions and litigation.

Criminal Defense

Defending your freedom and reputation with skill and experience.

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The Helm Law Difference

Many lawyers practice in only one area of law. You could call a different attorney for every legal matter you encounter. Or, you can call Helm Law PC.

Helm Law PC provides high quality legal representation in a wide range of areas, including family law, criminal defense, business law, employment law, estate planning, and civil litigation.

Whether you are seeking an attorney to help you meet your business objectives, for guidance through litigation, assistance with estate planning, or other legal matters, Helm Law is the right choice. We have represented a range of clients from individuals, small business and million-dollar corporations.

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